Lost Children of Andromeda
THE Arrival

About Lost Children of Andromeda

Lost Children of Andromeda began as a print novel funded via Kickstarter in 2021. Original art, original music, and an original story were joined with elements of popular fiction genres like dystopia, post-apocalyptic, super-hero, and cyberpunk. This fusion resulted in an ever-evolving ecosystem of sci-fi fantasy adventure and self-discovery. Featured in Forbes, VentureBeat, and Decrypt for its technological innovation and independent approach to developing intellectual property, LCOA boasts nearly 5 stars on Goodreads and Amazon. "It's like reading a marvel film.” Now, the universe of LCOA continues evolving into digital collectibles and new formats. Our animated character cards and origin comics immerse individuals by gamifying the reading experience.

Book 1

Book 1 of Lost Children of Andromeda | 205Z: Time and Salvation 2052 is humanity's last year on Earth. Catastrophic disasters are tearing away at our world's infrastructure. Time is scarce. Freedom is delicate. The privileged few will be saved... The unlucky will be left behind. Allister Adams is one of the unlucky, a genetically advanced Evolutionary hoping to stop the Apocalypse Countdown clock of days, hours, and minutes before it hits zero. Then the clock strikes Day 215. Allister unknowingly charges into a conflict older than he is—a cold war for salvation between two rival organizations: a government-sanctioned task force of Evolutionaries and a group of radical, stateless Evolutionaries, both in violent pursuit of the one thing that promises humanity's survival. He must unravel the mysteries surrounding their key to survival, and master his power to retrieve it before the destruction they're trying to stop arrives Our journey begins with... The Arrival… Once you've minted your Allister Adams character card, you can access the 205Z book here.


3 Simple Steps to Join the Lost Children of Andromeda Universe


Claim Your Allowlist spot 1 of 4 ways * CYNQUE holder * 2052 Passport holder * Live Art Card Holder * Access through a partner community


Mint Your Animated Character Card on LIVE ART on June 6, 2023 at 2PM UTC | 10AM EST | 11PM UTC+9 • Price: .055 ETH 20% discount at pre-sale for allowlist •Earn 300 $ART (900 $ART for LiveArtX Card holders) for the $100 edition * Gain access to the Limited Edition 205Z digital book * Claim the first digital comic "The Arrival" featuring main character Allister Adams * Redeem your physical copy of the book 205Z by joining the LCOA discord and opening a support ticket.


Follow our monthly drops on Live Art and Collect each of the Animated Characters cards + Claim the Origin Comics for each character * Gain access to the full-color printed graphic novel

About this collection

How it works: Love trading cards? Love comics and graphic novels? Try them our way. 21 Animated Character Trading Cards are paired with 21 full length character comics (Digital Only). These visually stunning origin stories set-up the main and supporting characters of the Lost Children series, give community members more entry points into the 2052 lore, and culminate in a limited edition print anthology prequel. Start your journey by collecting the main character, Allister Adams. Skill gained: Courage Utility: Unlock (1) 205Z: Time and Salvation Digital Re-release w/ Art Claim (1) Origin Story Comic (Digital Only) per Character. Redeem (1) Printed copy of 205Z: Time and Salvation
Credit card buyers must create and transfer the NFT to their own wallet in order to claim the $ART reward
Allister Adams (Cosmic)
Total Supply: 22 6.61 % chance
Allister Adams (Futuristic)
Total Supply: 77 23.12% Chance
Allister Adams (Lux)
Total Supply: 111 33.33% chance
Allister Adams (Industrial)
Total Supply: 123 36.94% Chance

About Jason Primrose

Jason's thriving career began with him serving as “the storyteller behind the curtain”, and has blossomed into him unveiling his own power as a creative force. His Lost Children series is expressed as art, music, and literature, and underscores how our untapped potential is, in fact, our greatest superpower. Over a decade of experience across five industries fueled his vision for independently producing the Lost Children of Andromeda Universe. The IP’s approach adopts this principle — one can follow a nontraditional path, find innovative methods to grow community and reach — and still be successful. An exceptional challenge for Jason, a first time entrepreneur who is both an introvert and a super connector. Primrose recognizes Web3 as a place to blend two technologies, literature and blockchain, providing equity and access for storytellers and to expand the diverse realm of the Lost Children, his magnum opus.
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